How Fidelity Bank staff stole N137 million from a customer

A staff of the Fidelity Bank has been caught in the act of stealing from a customer.

Mr. Kehinde Agbabiaka, has since been arrested by the Nigeria’s main anti corruption agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC).

The bank’s Regional Security Officer and the Cluster Control Compliance Manager, petitioned the EFCC over Agbabiaka fraudulent activities, leading to his arrest by the Ibadan zonal office of the anti graft agency.

In the petition sent to the EFCC, the bank authority accused Agbabiaka of fraudulently diverting the sum of N137 million from personal and corporate accounts of a customer in the Ibadan branch of the bank.

A fraud the bank said Agbabiaka carried out between January 2017 and July 2019 period.

Agbabiaka was the account officer attached to the customer, he collected money from the customer every week to be deposited in his bank account at the Fidelity Bank.

Rather than deposit the money for the customer, Agbabiaka diverted it while leaving a fraction for the customer.

Perfecting the fraud, Agbabiaka issued fake bank slips to the customer showing he deposited the money into the customer’s account.

Agbabiaka continued the practice for over a long period, but was exposed when the customer asked for his statement of account for an audit.

The customer when realised that he has been duped, reported Agbabiaka to the bank management authority.

Angry with Agbabiaka action, the management petitioned the EFCC leading to his arrest.

Investigation by the EFCC revealed that Agbabiaka had used part of the money to build houses, bought cars, invested in fix deposit and given loans to his friends.

The anti graft agency has since assured that Agbabiaka will be charged to court for prosecution as soon as all investigations are concluded.

However some of the cars have been recovered while houses suspected to have been built with the graft sealed off and confiscated.

Confiscated house

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