How top military officer allegedly benefitting from ransom ordered Taraba police killing

A top military officer who is fingered  to be benefiting from ransom paid by kidnapped survivors, allegedly ordered the killing of three police officers in Taraba state.

Three police officers who arrested Mr. Hamisu Wadume, a notorious Kidnapper in Taraba state were killed at  Ibi area of the state by military officers.

A killing the army has admitted, describing it a mistake.

New Telegraph reports how the notorious Kidnapper, had paid  the sum of N1.5 million ransom to secure the release of a soldier that was kidnapped in the state some days ago.

Contrary to military claim that the policemen refused to stop at checkpoints and opened fire at the solders when they made attempt to stop them, WEST AFRICA REPORTERS (WAR), learned that the military may have lied.

The policemen this newspaper learned, stopped at all the three military checkpoints, properly identified themselves and their mission in the state before proceeding to arrest the notorious Kidnapper.

Insider source say, the policemen arrested the notorious Kidnapper within 20 minutes and headed back to Jalingo, the state capital, where the police state command is stationed.

The policemen while returning from the operation greeted the soldiers at the checkpoint, who asked them if they were done with operations.

The soldiers and police officers have known each other for a very long time, a source disclosed.

However, a phone call from a top military officer changed the entire story.

A source said, after arresting Wadume, the operatives were heading to police headquarters at Jalingo, when gang members of Wadume, who are close to an army captain serving in Ibi town, called the army and told him that his friend had been kidnapped. Without any verification or inquiries, the army captain ordered his men along the highway to ambush the policemen .” 

The army officer is alleged to have been benefiting from proceeds paid by kidnapped survivors as ransom.

The police authority in a statement by Mr. Franc MBA, its spokesperson,
has since accused the military of killing its officers to free the notorious Kidnapper.

It questioned why was the kidnapper not killed in the crossfire but was rather set free by the military.

The military has since admitted having killed the policemen, but said the killing was done in an error.

The army said it has constituted a joint committee headed by a senior police officer to investigate the killing and unravel the circumstances surrounding it.

Mr. Muhammadu  Buhari, the Nigeria president reacting to the incident, has ordered the Nigerian army to investigate the cause of the killing.

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