Husband catches man with wife in Enugu community, seizes his bike

Mr. James Ajibo has seized a man’s motorcycle after catching him making love with his wife in his matrimonial home at the Nsukka local government area of Enugu State, MAWA Foundation has learned.

Ajibo who works at the University of Nigerian Nsukka, came home unannounced and caught Mr. Philipp Utaz with his wife making love.

Angry with the development, Ajibo seized the man’s motorcycle, an action he said was not meant to confiscate the motorcycle but to use it as evidence to prove his case.

Mr. Julius, a tenant in the compound where the incident happened, told MAWA Foundation that Utaz had always come to make love with the married woman and has never been caught as the man is always not around.

Ajibo, however, said he trailed Utaz for 4 months and was lucky to catch him after a long period of trying to get him and the wife on the act.

Mrs. Bridget, who confirmed the incident to MAWA, said the man has a habit of going around and sleeping with people’s wives.

She recounted how he repeated slept with a married woman at the Odenigbo area of Nsukka leading to her divorce.

She however added that she wishes Utaz manhood is cut off to serve as a deterrent to other men who go about sleeping with married women.

Another witness, Mr. Onyema, told MAWA, the greatest sacrilege was not that Utaz slept with the woman, but that he did that inside their matrimonial home.

Describing the incident as an abomination and sacrilege, Onyema, said that is the end of the marriage.

When MAWA sought Ajibo’s explanation, he confirmed the incident, pointing out that is a huge insult to him and his entire family.

He, however, vowed to eliminate Utaz from the earth using a spiritual and diabolic means.

According to Ajibo, he cannot leave to see Utaz work freely having brought insult and disgrace to him and his family.

MAWA could not immediately reach out to the woman for a response as two of her telephone numbers were switched off.

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