I allowed our driver impregnate me to teach my father a lesson

Miss Deborah has told her parents she was impregnated by their Driver because her father over-policed her and never allowed her to know any man in her life.

Deborah who lives with the parents at the Colorado Street Maitama, Abuja, the Nigerian capital city, an undergraduate student of the University of Abuja, said she started making love with the driver because he is the only opposite sex she ever knew in her life.

WAR leaned that the family driver takes Deborah to school every day from home and waits for her until after lectures while he brings her home.

Deborah who is 23 years and the only daughter of three children, told the mother she started having affairs with the driver when she could not go out of the house without the instruction of the Dad, asking the driver to take her and given a time when they will return home.

The driver who lives in the boys’ quarters admitted responsibility for the pregnancy but claims he was seduced by the boss’s daughter and pleaded for forgiveness.

Deborah’s aunt, who narrated the incident to WAR, said the mother has since blamed the father of frustration the daughter into having sexual intercourse and been impregnated by their driver.

The father who is angry with the development has since sacked the driver WAR learned.

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