I couldn’t tolerate her, she calls me every time until my phone fell inside water tank

Mr. Julius Akpata has canceled his marriage a week to a wedding because his fiancee calls him too much on phone.

Akpata said he decided to end the marriage the day his fiancee called him repeatedly until his phone fell inside a water tank.

Angry with the development, Akpata said he cannot proceed with the marriage.

Akpata who lives at the Kubwa village of Abuja said, he decided to end the marriage because he cannot cope with Chinyere’s excess pressure.

Chinyere while confirming the incident said Akpata from the outset never wanted to marry her and had planned to marry another lady from Enugu state.

Countering Chinyere, Akpata in his residence, showed the wedding wring, invitation cards, and clothing they already bought and were set for the wedding.

He, however, added that he had warned Chinyere not to call him more than two times on the phone, but she never listened.

“If you call me twice, your sense should tell you, either am not with my phone or am busy,” Akapata said.

“When I see your missed calls, I will surely return your call, no need to call me repeatedly, he added.

He, however, added that he thank God he pulled out of the marriage on time saying he would have died out of pressure if he would have married Chinyere.

Chinyere who was depressed, however, said, she is has forgiven Akpata, pointing out he is not her God-given husband.

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