I lied to my husband about my degree, now he wants a divorce

Mrs. Annie is seeking advice and help over her marriage that is on the verge of collapse, having lied to her husband that she is an accounting graduate of the University of Jos.

Annie said she met her husband in 2018 at an event in Abuja and they got married in 2019.

She, however, said she lied to her husband that she is an accounting graduate of the University of Jos while her husband did not doubt and believed her.

Annie who reached out to WAR via an email said her lie was exposed when her husband’s friend offered her a job in one of the accounting firms in Abuja.

She, however, said she was forced to confess to her husband that she did not attend the University of Jos when she could not provide a certificate to accept the job offer.

Angry with her lies, the husband told her to park out of his house and is preparing to file for a divorce.

She, however, said, since the incident happened, her mother had visited their Karu Abuja residence twice to beg her husband to forgive her, but her husband has decided not to let go, saying she is a wicked woman to have concealed the lie from him.

When WAR sough to speak to her husband, she declined, adding that her mother has done all she could to stop the divorce, but her husband has her mind made up.

She, however, said she reached out to WAR because she had read similar stories published by it.

She has since appealed to ladies, who are yet to marry, to build the foundation of their marriage on the truth, pointing out that lies will always fade and backfire.

She equally added that she reported the issue to their pastor who has been making efforts to mediate, but her husband appears not to listen to anybody while he is determined for a divorce.



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