I was embarrassed when my grandson called me liar Mohammed

Mr. Lai Mohammed, the former Nigeria minister of information and culture has said, he was highly embarrassed when his grandson called him liar Mohammed.

The former minister who has been nominated for ministerial screening made the disclosure when he appeared before the Nigeria Senate for his screening as a Minister.

While answering questions from the Lawmakers, Mohammed said his grandson asked him why people call him Liar Mohammed.

He said that was the greatest embarrassment in his life.

The former Minister said that social media has not been fair to him, he complained how Nigerians have use opportunity provided by social media to insult and call him all source of names that do not depict who he is.

The former Minster appearing before the Lawmaker on Tuesday, narrated how his grandson approached and asked him, why you are called Liar Mohammed?

Mohammed said that his grandson question was the day he realised social media has battered his image.

Some Nigerians have registered disappointment how the former Minister had during his official duty as a Minister of information, defending the Nigerian government, had lied severally, earning him the name “liar Mohammed”.

A situation the former Minister has said it is a lie and misconception that do not reflect the real representation of who he is and stands for.  

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