I will dump Nigeria for Togo if Tinubu becomes President — Bode George

Mr. Bode George, a Chieftain of the Nigeria’s main opposition party, has said he will dump Nigeria for Togo if Tinubu is elected president.

The former Peoples Democratic Party, Deputy National Chairman, made this known while granting interview to Punch Newspaper on Saturday.

Bode George says he will dump Nigeria for Togo if Tinubu becomes a  President because it would be most disruptive for Tinubu to lead Nigeria.

The PDP ex officio said he will discard Nigerian citizen and takes up Togo national should Tinubu is allowed to lead Nigeria as a president.

George who accused Tinubu to be very corrupt, pointed out that he drove two bullion vans filled with money into his house during the  2019 election, and has questioned how he made the money.

He said, he was most angered because, Mr. Itse Sagay, who leads the Buhari anti corruption, instead of condemning Tinubu’s action justified it by saying, he has been a wealthy man for a long period of time.

George said it is very wrong for Sagay to have arrived at such a conclusion.

He has since asked Buhari administration to stop deceiving Nigerians on their anti corruption fight, adding that corruption waxes stronger under Buhari led government.

The PDP man said, he is ready to face Tinubu, pointing out that it would be the height of disservice to allow Tinubu contest election, let alone winning to lead the nation.

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