Indian boy who predicted Coronavirus reveals when it will end

Abighya Anand, an Indian boy who predicted the outbreak of Coronavirus has revealed  when the virus will end.

The Indian boy said the Coronavirus will end by May.

Anand in  a video on the 22nd day of  August revealed that Coronavirus will hit the world with huge consequences.

The Indian boy also talked about other crisis the world will face apart from Coronavirus.

Predicting the outbreak of Coronavirus, Anand, said the  world will witness crises and a war, starting from November 2019 to April 2020.

The 14 years old Indian boy in a new video, revealed that Coronavirus will come to an end on the 29th day of May.

If his prediction becomes a reality, the word will be happy considering that Coronavirus has killed huge number of persons globally with scientists yet to find its cure.

Apart from killing many persons, Coronavirus has also destroyed world economy making governments and individuals to loose substantial amount of revenues while the post Coronavirus looks doom for many affected countries.

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