Insecurity: Army Generals Desert Kaduna Road, Struggle Train With Civilians

The Nigeria army officers at the rank of General have deserted Kaduna – Abuja road and are now struggling Train with civilians.

On three occasions, our reporter had boarded train from Kubwa Train station to Rigasa Train station in Kaduna, and had met Army General in all the trips.

Early this month, our reporter was in Train with an army General from Kubwa to Kaduna.

At first passengers in the Train did not know he is an army General as he used newspaper to cover his face.

The identity of the General was revealed when a woman who say she lives at the Life Camp area of Abuja recognised him and shouted  “General what are you doing in a public train”.

It was at that time we knew we had a General in the Train.

Not wanting to be disgraced further, the General looked and smiled and refused to say a word.

In another encounter, out reporter boarded a Train with three Generals from Rigasa Train station to Kubwa Train station.

Worse still there were no available seats, our reporter and three Generals including their security guard stood in a business class from Kaduna to Abuja.

Worried seen Generals together with their security guard in Train standing, our reporter engaged one of the security guards in the rank of Lance-Corporal in a secret conversation.

In the course of interaction, the officer said, nobody is safe, our ogas know Abuja – Kaduna road is not safe, and are not ready to risk it.

Asked, do you mean soldiers cannot confront the Kidnappers, the officer said, the  weapons in the possession of the criminals are more superior compared to what the officers carry in an escort operation.

Military can only carry those kinds of weapons on special duty not on escort, the officer told our reporter

The officer who was visibly angry with the senior military officials say the problem of insecurity in the country lies on the behavior of the top military officers.

He accused them of benefiting from the insecurity, pointing out that they are happy over insecurity because of the huge  amount of money they make fighting insecurity.

The military had in many occasions assured Nigerians that Kaduna – Abuja road has been secured and very safe for passengers on the road.

A claim that has since been faulted as Generals are afraid to follow the road from Abuja to Kaduna and have opted to use the train at the expense of civilian populace.

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