Iregba electrification project remains abandoned despite N100 million allocations

The Iregba community rural electrification project in Oyo state has remained abandoned despite its N100 million allocations in the 2020 budget.

In the allocation, rural electrification projects are to be implemented in Iregba, Kale, Irayin, Ayede, Alagbon, Iregba, Parapo, and Alate in Ogo- Oluwa /Surulere communities of Oyo State.

Worse still, Tracka, a public accountability organization team that visited the community for on-spot assessment, said Iregba community rural electrification project has since been abandoned while the community residents continue to live in darkness.

Community abandoned rural electrification project
Community abandoned rural electrification project

MAWA Foundation could not immediately reach out to the Office of Minister of Power and  Oyo state government for a response.

Iregba case is not an exception; Nigeria has the culture of abandoning projects after monies have been allocated and paid for them.

In some instances, the monies are diverted in connivance with state officials and contractors while the projects are not done.

However, there are also cases where the community, who are direct beneficiaries of the projects, connive with contractors, collect bribes, and ask them to abandon the projects.

This is common among the Niger Delta communities where community members force contractors to give them bribes, money they call “community development levy” before they will be allowed to work. Contractors who pay the money demanded by the community members are allowed to work while those who refuse to pay are forced to leave the community and abandon the projects.

This is even as one of the places where stealing and huge corruption have taken place in the Nigerian state is contract awards and procurements.

Often, the contracts are inflated with government officials awarding them to their companies or to their friends’ companies and collect kickbacks.

And, in situations where the projects are implemented, they are often substandard making it collapse in a few months.

A visit to communities across Nigeria shows huge numbers of abandoned projects with many of them already paid for and diverted into personal pockets.

Community abandoned rural electrification project
Community abandoned rural electrification project
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