Is killing Nigerians part of police official duty

A boy and his girlfriend were on Saturday morning killed by the Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS operatives of the Nigerian police unit.

Miss. Jessica Ada, was shot and killed at the spot by SARS members while her boyfriend is battling to survive as a result of gun shots from the men of the police unit.

The two were returning from night club on Saturday morning when they were shot at about 6:30am by SARS operatives.

Mr. Emmanuel who refused to stop for SARS officers were trailed to his house by the officers where they shot and killed Jassica at the spot before shooting the boyfriend Emmanuel at the back.

The police have confirmed that officers who carried out such offence have been arrested.

In the last seven days, there have been reported cases of police especially the SARS unit of the police torturing and killing Nigerians, with Jessica killing as the latest case.

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