Its shameful how fake, poor ladies call guys broke for not paying their bills – Eunice 

A Lady who cannot make her hair without asking a guy for money And if not given -would call the guy BROKE.

A Lady that cannot subscribe her phone without sending “Can you do me a favour..?” to her random boyfriends on Facebook or WhatsApp, and if not given would call them BROKE

A lady who does nothing than to jump around from one bed to another to pay her rent, feed and

forming fake life on Instagram will be calling a guy who hustles; pays house rent, feeds himself, does everything for himself, BROKE.

A lady who is Jobless and lazy will come on Social media to argue how she can’t marry a man who doesn’t earn 300k a month.

Isn’t it Funny that Ladies who can’t foot their bills call men BROKE for not dancing to their drums…

Ladies, How I wish you understand how cheap you are when you Embarrassed a guy who didn’t give you money for your hair.

How I wish you understand how Cheap it sounds when you say a man who can’t buy you the Latest phone or trending stuff on a date is not man enough to talk or date you.

Stop demanding from men If you can’t do it yourself.

Before Calling a guy

broke, let it be that he can’t take care of himself not because he can’t take care of your Bills .

If not you are the broke one here…YES

As a Lady, you should think of Building your self-esteem, Creative, Learning skills and praying for the Holy Spirit to direct your path.

Stop, Embarrassing yourself with guys, if a guy can’t pay for a plate of Rice in Mega-Chicken. Aunty, why can’t you pay for it?

Come to think of it , If we Interview most ladies the way they examined most men, you’ll see that many ladies are LAZY, JOBLESS  and

Lack of COMMON SENSE but forming Rich and Sensible.

On the Other hand Men

are Hardworking and Resourceful for themselves.

Go get a life, Set standards, Be financially independent then you can talk of not marrying a broke guy.

Calling a guy broke when you are broke means you lack Moral Justification.

Besides, nowadays no man wants a lady with a low thinking mentality.

They know better now. They are working hard to be financially stable because They want to attract a financially stable woman too.

So, Aunty get a life first, Stand your ground before calling your man broke.

Princess Eunice


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