JUST IN: Dozens kidnapped along Kaduna-Abuja road

Dozens of passengers on Thursday were kidnapped along Kaduna – Abuja road by a group of armed men, WAR has learned.

Miss Chioma, a resident of Kaduna state told WAR, her brother was among those kidnapped on the route.

She said her brother had an appointment in Abuja and left Kaduna in the early hours of Thursday so he can meet up.

She, however, said many other passengers were kidnapped along the same route with her brother in the early hours on Thursday by armed men.

Mr. Shehu Sani, a lawmaker from Kaduna state while confirming the incident tweeted:

“While Kaduna Abuja train has been halted because of Coronavirus, it’s tragic & sad to hear that many people have been kidnapped in the early hours of today along with that road by armed men. We can’t move by Rail because of health concerns & now we can’t by road because of insecurity”.

The police are yet to make an official statement over the incident.

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