Just in: Renewed violence, Angry South Africans carrying weapons ask all foreigners to leave

There is a renewed violence in South Africa as angry protesters are seen carrying weapons on the streets asking foreigners in the country to leave and return to their respective countries.

The protesters who are seen on the street of Johannesburg with weapons waiting for a directive from a top politician in the country before they decide on what to do  

 Sowetan Live, reports that the angry protesters are waiting for Mr. Mangosuthu Buthelezi, a Zulu tribe leader to address them.

This is happening one week the country began attacking foreign nationals in their country asking they leave.

Mr. Bongani Mkonji, the South Africa Deputy Commissioner of police, has thrown his support behind the killings of other Africans nationals in his country.

Defending and justifying the killings, Mkonjii in a video that has gone viral online said, how can a city in South Africa be 80 percent foreign nationals, describing that as dangerous.

He pointed out that South Africans have surrendered their country to foreign nationals and vowed never to allow that happen and says they will fight.

“If we do not debate it and allow South Africa to be dominated by 80 percent foreign nationals, in the future, the whole country will be taken over by foreigners, and a future South Africa president could be a foreign national”, Mkonji said.

“We are surrendering our land, it is not Xenophobia, we fought for South Africa land, from a white minority and we cannot surrender it to the foreign nationals”, he added.

As a matter of principle, we fought for this country not only for us but for the generations of South Africans. The arms that are been used in South Africa are arms of war, the hijacking of buildings in South Africa is a sign of taken overpower, the Deputy Police Commissioner said.

He said, the dominance of foreign nationals in South Africa in illegal trading and businesses is economic sabotage that is taking place against South Africans, Mkonji argued.

South Africans are supposed to be those running those businesses, Mkonji said with a visible angry voice.

South Africa has become under attack for killing foreign nationals in their country with Nigeria been the most hit.

Angry with the development, the Nigerian govern on Tuesday summoned the South Africa High Commissioner, Mr. Bobby Moroe.

The country has since said she will no longer tolerate the killings of her nationals in South Africa.

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