Kaduna-Abuja Route, My Train Experience

The Kaduna-Abuja Rail System has been a saving grace for me, the experience hasn’t been as bad as these few weeks, following the recent kidnappings that have been going on the route, so many travelers prefer to go in the train. Saturday 31st August 2019 was no different.

Traveling from Zaria to Kaduna, I only had one goal in mind; to catch up the train, it was possible but with the road under construction I only kept the hope. Some of my friends had started their journey 30minutes before I did, so we had already planned that they’ll get a ticket for me on reaching the train station.

Fast forward to them reaching there and they were told all the tickets have been sold out, not losing hope, we started contacting people from all sides to see how we could buy the tickets to Abuja.

I was beginning to think of the possibility of staying the night in Kaduna, which I had no prior plans, I had already started formulating sentences in my head on how to tell my Aunt I’ll be spending the night at her place.

One of my friends called to ask if I was still coming to the train station, I was already close to the station, so I told her I was nearby, what I didn’t expect on getting there, was the crowd struggling to get standing ticket, just Wow.

The struggle was real, everyone wanted to leave, it was like survival of the fittest, by the time we got to buy the standing ticket, the train had started moving, that was when I knew the phrase ‘the where and manner’ worked, a phrase used by the military meaning how you do it doesn’t matter, you just do whatever it takes to get where you want to get.

There was a heavy downpour and people began to run after the train to jump into the coach, I ran along with others, though in my mind I knew it was risky, I knew I had no option, that was the last train for the day, I had already bought the ticket, rather than missing I’d rather run under the rain, and jump into the train, I was glad I made it.

Some staff of the train station tried stopping people but they were overpowered, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunties, daughters and sons, there was no difference, the rain was a concern to anyone, all that mattered to most at that moment was to travel safely to Abuja without the fear of anything happening to you.

It was truly an experience.  

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