Kaduna gov El-Rufai, liar, ungrateful, CAN

The Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kaduna state chapter has berated Mr. Nasir el-rufai the Kaduna state governor for not appreciate the Christian community despite making him a governor.

Mr. John Hayab, chairman, Kaduna state CAN chapter, disclosed that Christian’s votes made it possible for el-rufai to become the governor.

He said he won the 2015 governorship election as a result of Christina votes.

CAN was responding to el-rufai claims that southern Kaduna Christians voted against him in the 2015 election.

Mr. Hayab, while making a speech at the swearing in of the association leadership, said the state governor is a liar and ungrateful.

“We voted for them and if the man tells you that we did not vote for him, he is a liar,” Hayab said.

“He is a liar! Christians even made him governor, but because he is an ingrate because he has no fear of God, he came out and told Christians that we never voted for him.

“I have always used a simple example, in Jama’a local government area of Kaduna state, where the total votes in 2015 were 86,000, the party in power (APC), got 39,000 votes, the party that failed (PDP) got 46,000. If the person feels that 39,000 is not votes, then he is an ingrate.

“We know the truth and we cannot compromise truth when people begin to twist facts.

He warned that CAN is apolitical and doesn’t belong to a political party.


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