Kano Assembly passes a law that grants speaker, deputy life pensions

Kano State now has a law that grants the Speaker and his deputy life pension and medical trips abroad.

The state House of Assembly on Tuesday passed Pensions Rights of Speaker and Deputy Law 2019.

The legislation provides for the Speaker and his deputy to be entitled to life pension and foreign medical trip.

The new provides, “There shall be paid a pension to a person who held office as Speaker and Deputy Speaker equal to the emoluments of a serving Speaker and deputy speaker, provided that either the Speaker or the Deputy do not hold any paid elective or selective appointment,” the new law said.

The law provides a clause that makes it impossible for impeached speaker deputy to enjoy the benefits.

“Any person duly elected as Speaker or Deputy Speaker shall, on completion of his term be entitled to a grant of pension for life by the state, provided that such person was not removed from office through impeachment by members of the House of Assembly.


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