Kenya to handover Sea Ports to China over unpaid loan

Mombasa port belonging to Kenya is to be handed over to Chinese government over unpaid loan.

In November last years, African Stand reported on how Kenya is at high risk of Losing strategic assets over huge Chinese debt and just after some few month the Chinese are about to take action.

Kenya acquired the loan from China to be used for the development of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

Besides the Port, the country Inland Container Depot in Nairobi, is also at the risk of been taking over.

When this happens, huge number of Kenyans working in the Port will be laid off while others will be forced to work under Chinese who are likely to subject them into serious abuse.

Apart from Kenyans loosing their jobs while other subjected under hostile working condition, revenues made from the Port will be repatriated to China for the servicing of an estimated Sh500 billion lent to Kenya.

Kenya is not the only case, Zambia and Sri Lanka also handed over their port to China  over unpaid loan.

Sri Lankn on December 2017, handed over her Hambantota Port to China for a lease period of 99 years after the country could not pay the loans she borrowed from China.

In September 2018, Zambia lost Kenneth Kaunda International Airport to China over debt repayment.

New York Times, reports the lease gave China total control of the Sea Port.

The New York Times in December 12, 2017, accused China of using loan to influence her prominent globally.

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