Kogi Decides: Lady hit by bullet from Helicopter lying critically ill at hospital

Deborah Omoba, a lady that was hit by bullet from a Helicopter during Kogi Decides is lying critically injured at the Federal Medical Centre Lokoja, the Kogi state capital.

Hit by bullet on the 16th day of November, Omoba still has bullet lodged inside her body.

Mr. Abraham Olusegun, Apostolic Church pastor, narrating the incident, said the lady who is 23 years of age was at the Ajara quarters lokoja when bullet released from the helicopter hovering around pieced through her body and lodged in the upper region of her thigh very close to her vargina.

The pastor said, she was immediately rushed to Federal Medical Centre Lokoja where she was put on admission.

Omoba who is lying critically injured at the surgical ward will have to undergo surgery before the bullets can be removed.

Mr. Taiwo Jones, a medical Doctor and Head Clinical Services at the Medical Centre, disclosed that the bullet is lodged at a very sensitive part of her body which makes its removal very difficult .

The Kogi state Governorship election held on November 16, was reported to have been characterized by violence, with police alleged to have used Helicopter to provide cover for thugs who carted away ballot box.

Voters were alleged go have been teargassed while thugs shot at voters and carted away ballot boxes.

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