Kogi gov election, Bello hires social media influencers to project his image

Mr. Yahaya Bello, the Kogi state Governor has engaged the services of social media influencers to work for his second term campaign.

Part of the terms of reference given to the influencers is to ensure they project the governor in a good light and ensure he wins the forthcoming November 11governorship election .

Insider source from the government house say prominent among those hired to do the job are  Zara Onyinye and Efe Okposio.

Mr. Andrew who gave his first name and claims he has knowledge of the arrangement told WEST AFRICA REPORTERS (WAR), the decision to hire social media influencers is the inability of the governor to present the state with projects that will engender the people to vote him back to power.

The need to sell Bello candidacy to the people is the main reason the social media influencers were hired, he told our reporter.

Bello has become very unpopular in the state, ranging from his inability to pay workers salaries and implement projects.

The governor this newspaper learned paid huge amount of monies running into millions to the social media influencers to deceive the state residents and other Nigerians that he is working.

The social media influencers have only been able to showcase projects on new media, twitter and Facebook without being able to show the exact locations the projects are sited.

Bello has been owing workers over 39 months salaries with local government workers, teachers and judiciary staff the most affected.

Judiciary workers in the state have not been paid for over one year, local government workers paid little above 15 % of their salaries while teachers received 25% salary arrears last week.

Some persons in the state believe that the social media influencers, have got a hard job to do, in their opinion, Bello performance is too abysmal and it is difficult to sell his candidacy to the people.

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