Kwara communities residents lament over deplorable roads

Community residents in Ilesha-Baruba, Gwanara, Okuta and Yashikra communities in Kawara state are lamenting over the deplorable nature of their roads.

Located at Baruten local government area of Kwara state, in a boarder town with Benin Republic, their traditional rulers narrated how they have been abandoned by all successive governments without any attempt to give them access road.

Narrating their experience about the roads, the traditional rulers who gave different accounts of the roads said, it has affected economic activities in the communities as farmers in the areas cannot bring out their farm produce as a result of the bad roads.

From Ilesha-Baruba to Gwanara up to Bukoro, there is no road, they said.

Mr. Sabi Kotokotogi, the Emir of Gwanara lamenting over the terrible nature of the roads say, they have never received government attention before, narrating how they have lived in the communities without any motorable roads.

The traditional ruler disclosed that Kwara state government had told them the roads are not in the state map and that makes it difficult for them to get government attention.

Another traditional ruler, Mr. Idris Sero, the Emir of Okuta, said even an attempt that was made by the government to fix some portion of the road was not properly done.

He pointed out that Gwanara area suffers the most as they have the worse road.

He disclosed that many communities in the local government are not accessible because there are no roads leading to the areas.

He has since appealed to the state and federal governments to help open up roads in the affected communities.

A community resident, Mr. Muhammed Boni, also shared how the roads are nightmare to residents.

He said they cannot take their farm produce to the market as a result of the terrible nature of the road.

We spend days on the road going to market because of the bad road, he said.

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