Landlord gives coronavirus recovered patient quit notice in Lagos

A Landlord at the Yaba area of Lagos has given his tenant a quit notice for been infected and recovered from coronavirus.

The landlord action WAR learned comes as a result of other tenants’ threats to vacate the property if the coronavirus recovered patient continues to live in the same apartment with them.

Mr. Jude Nze, a co-tenant in the apartment who narrated the incident to WAR said the landlord asked the tenants to park out from his house because other occupants of the property are threatening to vacate if he continues staying in the same compound with them.

He, however, added that tenants in the compound have been avoiding the man since he came back from the isolation centre.

The landlord while issuing a quit notice to the tenant offered to give him a six months refund so he can use the sum to look for another apartment.

The tenant WAR learned has rejected the quit notice on the ground that he can only vacate the apartment if his rent expires and the landlord refuses him to renew his rent.

Jude who said he does not support the idea of sending the tenant away, however, said, he cannot live in the same compound with a recovered coronavirus patient, pointing out that the sickness has no cure and may be hiding in the infected person body while he can still spread it.




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