Living faith Deaconess tortured, inserts stick inside her house help vagina

Mrs. Iyema Oyewole, a Refinery Staff and a Deaconess with the Living Faith Church Barnawa area of Kaduna has inserted a stick inside the private part of Princess her 14 years old house help Princess

Price is from Kuturah in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State, she moved out of their community to Kaduna city when bandits attacked them and displaced everybody.

The Village Debbo Care Initiative (VDCare), a non-governmental organization working in Kaduna, says the woman put a knife in a fire and used it to born the minor clitoris as a punishment.

VDcare added that the woman made the house help drink water from a toilet and sleeps in a toilet.

The house help WAR learned has been rescued and taken to the hospital while the Kaduna state Ministry of Human Services and Social Development has arrested the woman.

Hauwa’u Yusuf, a Professor of Criminology and Gender Studies at Kaduna State University is working with other partners to ensure the woman will be prosecuted.

This is even as Oyewole pleaded with Princess’s father to allow her to live with the 14-year-old lady so she could take good care of her since they are suffering and have no means of taking care of her in a good manner.

The father having believed, she is a good Christian handed the girl over to her.

The father said, “I did not collect or want any money from the woman. All that I wanted to be was for my daughter to go to school.” But in reality, for the past one year, Princess has gone to school just a week.

When asked, why did you go to school just once? And she replied, “The woman opened my bag one week after I commenced school and saw a carrot that I had put inside to eat during the break, beat me thoroughly and stopped my school.

When the parents insisted on seeing her, she refused to let anyone have access to the girl.

The mother, months ago went to the house to see the girl. It was raining, and for three hours, Mrs. Oyewole refused to let her see her daughter. She told her she would not allow her into the house because she does not want the woman to bring in corona into the house.

When the mother refused to leave, she opened the gate for her and let her see the daughter from the gate of the house. She told her, “You can see your daughter is alive right? Now leave my house!”

The grains that the woman brought for the family, the woman instantly gave it out to the security men at the gate.

When the girl’s father was told of the inhumane treatment, he then realized that something was wrong. He made contact with the relevant people on how to get his daughter back but every effort proved unsuccessful. The woman told them that the girl was in Abuja.

On Monday, the Uncle to the girl called the woman and warned her that she had just six hours to return the girl.

It was then she started treating the girl with iodine and ice to dry up the wounds.

Mrs. Oyewole has a son who beats Princess at will, punishes her even under the rain. When all of these happened, the husband locked himself in his room and pretends like nothing is happening.

Her children Tito and Nifemi would hold the girl’s neck while the mother would burn her buttocks and vagina with lighter.

They held her down while the mother inserts a stick into her private part at the same time burning the vagina.

When asked at the police station, why did you treat the girl that bad, she replied, “I didn’t know the fire was burning very well like that!


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