Man cancels marriage as girlfriend demands N5 million for wedding

Mr. Nwoke Agulu has canceled his wedding over his girlfriend’s demand of N5 million as expenditure for the wedding ceremony.

Agulu while narrating the incident said the sum of N4 million was for the wedding while an additional N1 million will be deposited into his girlfriend account for miscellaneous expenditures.

Agulu however, added that after considering the high amount of monies his girlfriend was demanding for a wedding, he visited a hospital where he forged a medical report showing that his Genotype is AS which made their marriage impossible because his girlfriend is also AS.

He added that both of them cried over the medical report, separated, and moved on with their lives.

“I once dated this girl, she told me that we will do 4M Naira wedding, I will deposit 1m in her account 4q wed expenses and also she will sell asoebi cloth.. to cut d story short, I went to the hospital and forged medical report that I am AS because she is AS. She cried I cried We move.” Agulu tweeted.

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