Man fights dirty in Mararaba as friend introduces his own daughter to him as girlfriend

A man has violently fought his friend, a military officer who ignorantly introduced his daughter to him as his girlfriend without knowing he is the father.

The incident that happened at the City Rock Hotel in Mararaba was so violent that it forced police officers from the A Division Police Station to storm the place and arrested some of the sex workers.

Mr. Akpanachi, a witness who prefers only his only name mentioned told MAWA Foundation that the military officer had come to the hotel to drink with his friend and decided to call his girlfriend to hang out with them.

Unknown to him, his close friend is his girlfriend’s father. On arrival, the girl who could not disappear having seen her father was forced to sit down while the military officer introduced her as his girlfriend.

Angry over the development, the man slapped his friend who is a military officer leading a violent fight.

The man, according to witnesses, said his daughter told him she was in the school and was not allowed to come home by the school management, not knowing she lied to him and has been in Mararaba engaging in sex worker.

Not been able to control his anger he went into a fight with his friend, a fright that took the intervention of police officers from A Division Mararaba to quell, leading to the arrest of some of the sex workers.

Please note: Picture not real, used for an illustration.

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