Men are looking for a wife, not a woman

Mrs. Agatha Aguda, a relationship Therapist in Abuja has said men are looking for a wife and not a woman.

Pointing out that many ladies think being a woman is what is required, Aguda said men look beyond being a woman when it comes to marriage.

Aguda while speaking to WAR via a telephone interview said the problem with many ladies is that they think because they are women and look beautiful they are the best for marriage, adding that is a fatal mistake many women do.

The relationship therapist pointed out that many men can date a lady for years and will not tell her any of her shortcomings, and dumps her and move on.

When it comes to marriage men consider many things and being a beautiful and religious woman is not part of considered factors.

Aguda said, often, women consider men to be very wicked and bad, but in a real sense men are not bad, but rather many women cannot get themselves into a man’s heart.

“Often I have heard many women say, I dated him for years and he dumped me, men are not attracted to sex, but the quality good character which has obedience and respect at the core of it”

All men hate rude ladies and hate ladies who are talkative most.

She pointed out that many ladies are thrown out in a relationship because they do not realize that men hate women who do not possess good character.

“Every man needs a peaceful home, and no one will afford to keep rude and proud ladies”

Aguda said many men are not good at communication; they do not have the skill to communicate what bothers them in a relationship but simply walk away as a solution to save their life.

Because your relationship did not work, does not mean others do not work, you simply did not know how to stay in yours, Aguda added.

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