Miyetti Allah to Southwest Govs, Withdraw Your Support For Amotekun or Loose 2023 Presidency

Miyetti Allah has asked governors from the southwest Nigeria to withdraw their support for Amotekun or risk loosing the 2023 presidency.

The  Herdsmen under the umbrella of the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore have warned that their support for the newly created Security outfit will deny them the opportunity to produce the Nigeria president in 2023.

Mr. Alhassan Saleh, the group National Secretary disclosed this in an  interview with The Punch on Wednesday.

Saleh pointed out that the group is disappointed to see southwest governors support the creation of the  security fit.

“This Amotekun scheme is political and is not the solution to the problem of insecurity. What the South-West governors should have done is to continue to push for state police. Where did they expect to get the funding from at a time some of them are struggling to pay salaries?

“It is best they give up on this idea because it may affect the chances of the South-West to produce the President in 2023. The thinking is that if the South-West, a major stakeholder in this government, can be toying with this idea now, they may do worse when they get to power.”

The group has since applauded the federal government for declaring the new security out fit illegal.

He pointed out that the federal government ought not to have allowed the governors set up any security out fit before declaring it illegal.

Recall that governors from the southwest had last week launched the new security out fit.

A development many hailed as a better option to help curb the incessant insecurity challenge in the region with some other region of the country saying they are prepared to copy from them.

On Tuesday, Nigeria government through the attorney general of the federation and minster of justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami declared Amotekun illegal.

Although the action of the federal government was rejected by the southwest governors, the federal government has since maintained the new security outfit remains illegal.

An action the herdsmen association has since supported and hailed the government over it.

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One thought on “Miyetti Allah to Southwest Govs, Withdraw Your Support For Amotekun or Loose 2023 Presidency

  1. Southwest will not withdraw from Amotekun,2023 presidency my foot, When all men of God had already predicted that this is d last Nigeria president b4 we all go our own seperate way

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