Muhammad Tanko CJN confirmation, evidence of Nigeria leadership failure – Ezekwesili

Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili, Nigeria former  minister of education has said that the confirmation of Mr. Muhammad Tanko, as the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) is a clear indication of leadership failure in Buhari government.

Ezekwesili, via her Twitter handle @obyezeks on Thursday said that the leadership crisis cuts across all the tiers and arms of government across the country.

“Do we need to be told that there’s a quality of leadership crisis in our country? It’s across board; the executive, legislature judiciary; federal, state and local, she tweeted.

“That Senate hearing with Justice Tanko merely reminded us of the depth of our leadership crises. Better own our crisis” she added.

The Nigeria Senate on Thursday confirmed the appointment of Tanko as the country CJN.

The CJN during the screening on on the floor of the Senate,  responding to question from Mr. Eyinnaya Abaribe, the Senate Majority Leader
that bothers on the issue of technicality, defines technicality as
as something technical and compared  with the inability of a judge to effectively fly an aeroplane.

“Permit me distinguished senators to ask what a technicality is? It is something which is technical. By definition, it is something that is not usual and may sometimes defy all the norms known to a normal thing. Now, we have technicalities in our laws and this is because these laws we have inherited were from the British, the CJN said.

“Ask me anything about an aeroplane, I don’t know; ask me to drive an aeroplane (sic), I am sure if you are a passenger and they told you that the flight is going to be driven (sic) by Honourable Justice Ibrahim Tanko, I am sure you will get out of the plane because it is something that requires technicality and if I have any technicality, my technicality will only be limited to law. Therefore, it is something that has to do with the perception or the way you will be able to achieve the goals you want to achieve.”

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