My marriage canceled a week to wedding I was accused of being a slave

Chika from Oguta in Imo state is deeply in pain as her fiancé has canceled their marriage a week to their wedding over an allegation that she is a slave.

Recounting her ordeal, Chika said, her fiancé accused her of hiding her identity from him which he said made him not to discover she comes from Oguta area of Imo state where slaves come from.

Depressed, Chika said her fiancé vowed not to marry her because she comes from Oguta in Imo state who are slaves.

Explaining, she added that her fiancé family warned him that if he dares to bring her to their family, they will poison him to death for bringing shame to the name of the family.

Chika disclosed that her fiancé mother vowed to pour acid on her if she visits their family, pointing out that she should go and look for her type who is a slave to marry her.

Chika told WAR that since her man canceled her marriage, she has been trying to cope with rejection and depression of being called a slave from Oguta in Imo state.

She told this newspaper that the discrimination and rejection some people suffer in Oguta because society has called them slaves is a long tradition that needs serious mobilization and advocacy to end.

“The stigma is too pronounced, and I pray the society gets to a point when it will be a thing of the past” Chika said.

She, however, said she regrets coming from Oguta, but cannot question God why.


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