Niger State General Hospital where waiting patients sit on floor

The Niger state General Hospital has not been able to provide seats for patients that visit the hospital to sit and wait for Doctors.

The practice in Nigeria hospital is for patients to sit at the hospital reception and wait to be attended to by a Doctor.

Patients submit their cards and wait for a Doctor to call them while they stand up from the chair and proceed to Doctor room.

In some cases, patients stay three to four hours before they can be attended to by a Doctor depending on the availability of medical personnel working in the hospital.

Even as this is a known practice, Niger state has refused to provide chairs for patients using the General Hospital forcing patients to sit on a floor while waiting for a Doctor.

Tracka visit to the hospital, uncovered how patients sits on the floor.

A situation the organization has appealed to the Niger state government to provide chairs in the hospital.

WEST AFRICA REPORTERS (WAR) could not immediately reach the state commissioner of health for explanation.

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