Nigeria 2019 election, EU release final report say Buhari, APC rigged polls

The European Union Election Observers has on Saturday released the final result of the Nigeria 2019 General Election.

The union say the 2019 election that led to Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, the All Progressives Congress (APC) victory for the second term of office was rigged.

They have sine accused Buhari of rigging the poll.

The European Union  say the election was not transparent and was characterized by violation, harassment, and intimidation.

They added that the irregularities found in the election conducted under Buhari shows the polls have no integrity.

“The elections became increasingly marred by violence and intimidation, with the role of the security agencies becoming more contentious as the process progressed,” the EU observers said on Saturday in Abuja, in their final report on the elections. 

They pointed out that the 2019 experience has the capacity bring voter apathy in the future elections.

Different reports show that over 58 persons were killed during the election.

INEC officials, National Youth Corps member, and the police officers  were also part of those killed during the election.

Mr. Atiku Abubakar, the People Democratic party candidate for the 2019 presidential election and his party have gone to court challenging Buhari victory on the ground that they were rigged out and denied Victory.

Atiku has told the election tribunal that results in the INEC server shows he won the election, and has asked the court to allow him and his party have access to the serve in order to authentic the results.

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