Nigeria military secretly buried over 1000 soldiers to cover up Boko Haram Killings

America’s Wall Street Journal has reported how the Nigerian military has secretly buried over 1,000 soldiers killed by the Boko Haram insurgency to cover up their deaths.

The Wall Street Journal says the soldiers were been buried in a secret graveyard at Maimalari town in Borno State.

The military contract the locals to dig graves where the soldiers were buried at night using torchlight while they get paid for their labour, this newspaper learned from the Wall Street Journal. 

 “The bodies of these dead soldiers are laid by flashlight into trenches dug by infantrymen or local villagers who are usually paid a few dollars per shift,” the report said.

Insider sources from the Nigerian soldiers, diplomats, and senior government officials, who spoke to Wall Street Journal, and did not want their names mentioned, narrated how the dead bodies of the soldiers were covertly transported in trucks from a mortuary to the graveyard.

“Several of my comrades were buried in unmarked graves at night,” said a soldier from the Maimalari barracks,

“They are dying and being deleted from history.”

The secret graveyard at Maimalari isn’t the only one in Nigeria’s troubled northeast, the senior government official said.

“…The sprawling secret graveyard in Maiduguri and an official cemetery at the base, the operational command for the northeastern front in Borno State, now hold the bodies of at least 1,000 soldiers killed since the terror groups began an offensive last summer, according to soldiers and military officials—some of whom estimated a far higher death toll,” the report said.

WEST AFRICA REPORTERS (WAR) learned that the graveyard is now filled up and the Nigeria military has expanded to the additional field.

“The farmland has been fenced off so they can bury the forces,” said Sarah James, a 50-year-old farmer whose husband is a retired soldier.

A local source who gave his name as Halimsu told WAR that the military is secretly burying the soldiers to cover up their killings by the Boko Haram insurgents. He has called on the Nigerian government to investigate and identify those that were secretly buried and compensate their families.

Mr. Boyi who preferred his first name to be mentioned told WAR in a telephone conversation that dead bodies of soldiers killed by Boko Haram are kept in the mortuary and are taken to be buried by the military between 1:00 and 2:00 am when people are asleep.

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