Nigerians to suffer more in Buhari second term, Economist Say

Nigerians will be bracing up for more suffering under Mr. Muhammadu  Buhari, Nigeria President second term Economist has predicted.

In a report on Thursday, the  magazine disclosed that many Nigerians drift into poverty in Buhari first tenure and there are indications that the second term will experience worse economy downfall.

While many Nigerians are stucked in poverty, there are no efforts by the government to position the country economy and lift many out of poverty, the Economist said.

It says over the years, the country has negelected basic infrastructure such as roads, schools and electricity, which have adverse effect on the economy.

On issues that need urgent state action, Buhari merely cautions, the magazine says.

It pointed out that, despite spending huge amount of monies on  social investment programmes (SIP) there are no results to show.

It also said the government school feeding programme has not also yielded the needed results pointing out that many have not benefited from the scheme.

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