Nnamdi Kanu is arrogant, nobody takes him serious – Asari

Mr. Asari Dokubo, a former Niger Delta militant has berated Nnamdi Kanu, the self acclaimed leader of the Independent People of Biafra (IBOP) of being rude.

Asari described Nnamdi Kanu as a rude person that should not be taking serious.

Dokubo who questioned Nnamdi Kanu’s behaviour, asked if he comes from Niger Delta area should he be happy to be taunted the way he taunts people from the region

Showing his disapproval over Kanu before, Dokubo made below observations.

How will you feel deep inside you if an Igbo leader or someone from a majority ethnic group is arrogantly talking about South South/Niger Delta as you are currently doing and barking all over the Internet?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu why do you enjoy creating problems and enemies for Ndi-Igbo?

Do you really have advisers? Who are you working for? Why do you keep making Igbos a subject of hate and ridicule?

How can you in the 21st Century be arrogantly telling a sophisticated people like our non-Igbo brothers in the South South that those who claim they are Niger Deltans are traitors and fools.

I don’t think any reasonable non-Igbo will take you serious again. This arrogance is unacceptable.

Instead of being meek, down-to-earth, gentle, modest and engage them as equal stakeholders, you want to be an ADOLF HITLER?

Are we in North Korea? Do you think minorities will be intimidated by a runaway coward and noise maker like you?

The Ijaws especially are formidable; why not build bridges with them instead of walls? Ojukwu forcefully annexed them and brought them into Biafra without proper consultation.

What happened to us during the war, we lost over 4Million people because of such arrogance and ‘over-sabi’.

You are trying to cremate any chance or chances of unification or partnership with the minorities.

You are so arrogant pompous, snobbish yet you couldn’t stand Python Dance.

The enemy is surrounding us, you can’t talk about that rather Niger Delta is your concern. Please note:

1. There is Niger Delta/South South and you cannot STOP Them. Ndi-Igbo are NOT against non-Igbo speaking Niger Delta or South South. They have the right to answer any name they want to answer.

2. Minorities must understand that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB doesn’t represent Ndi-Igbo. Do not use Nnamdi Kanu’s stupidity to judge Ndi-Igbo.

3. We can work as a team, as partners for our separate independent Republics and be good neighbors.

4. Most of us prefer a homogeneous Igbo speaking Biafra to avoid another Nigeria in Biafra and superiority complex of misguided individuals like Kanu.

5. Its unfortunate Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has this mentality.

‘I-Know-It-All’, pomposity, arrogance, bellicosity, aggressiveness, snobbishness, demagoguery, arrogance from a foreign land will NOT help us.

MNK should be more matured, polite, gentle, accommodating and less bombastic, bellicose, pompous, arrogant and abusive.

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