North has 87% of Nigeria’s poverty – World Bank

The work Bank in its latest report has said 87% of Nigeria’s poverty is domiciled in the northern part of the country.

In the report, tagged, ‘Advancing social protection in a dynamic Nigeria’, released on January 28, 2020, Nigeria’s detailed analysis of the social protection sector was carried out across the states.

The report found that Nigeria’s social safety net has not been able to address poverty and hunger, pointing out that, poverty and hunger are some of the major factors that propel conflicts.

The report says, although Nigeria is rich in all endowment, she has a huge number of persons who are extremely poor.

Word bank in its latest report, says Northern Nigerian has the highest concentration of citizens with extreme poverty.

Specifically, the World Bank described north-west Nigeria, where Muhammadu Buhari comes from, as a home of extremely poor Nigerian citizens.

It also pointed out that Nigeria has an inequality rate, with a high concentration in rural communities in Northern Nigeria.

It also based the poverty rate in southern Nigeria at 12% with each state in the zone having different degrees of poverty rating.

World Bank found that the difference between the north and south is too wide in term of comparison, while the north records deficiency in all human development indices, and are vulnerable,  the south is better.

The report links the Boko Haram insurgency in the north to huge poverty in the region, pointing out that most of the young people recruited by Boko Haram are people who have nothing doing and are dying in poverty.  

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