One Year After, 2,493 Selected for YouWin Yet to get a Dime from Govt

The Nigerian government early this year announced the selection of 2,494 persons out of the 5000 slots to be empowered using the YouWin grant.

YouWiN is a government intervention fund managed by the Federal Ministry of Finance, mainly to assist in creating jobs and empowerment.

It is designed to support young Nigerian entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses while promoting entrepreneurship as a viable career option for young Nigerians to create jobs and wealth.

The government had at the inception of the programme said it will select 700 winners from each of the six geopolitical zones and 800 who will emerge as national winners putting the figures at 5,000 winners.

55,500 were selected for the online training which the government promised it will select 5,000 after the training.

Almost a year government had selected beneficiaries, no single among them has gotten any dime from the government.

Fabian Ugwu one of the selected beneficiaries told WEST AFRICA REPORTERS (WAR) how they have been engaging the government to get the assistance promised them, in all the effort made, we have not succeeded, he added.

Another beneficiary Ann Telum narrated how all attempts made to access the seed funding failed. Asked if the government has given reasons for the delay, she said, we staged a protest to the Federal Ministry of Finance, but were told to be patient with the government.

A top official in the Ministry of Finance told WAR, he is aware of the YouWin program but says he cannot assure the possibility of government giving money to anybody in the name of YouWin.

Another senior official in the ministry said the beneficiaries did not understand how YouWIn was planned and packaged. From the outset, the government never had the plan to give out monies to beneficiaries, we had an arrangement with development partners to run the program, those selected must go through rigorous training and accreditation before monies can be given to them, he told this newspaper.

When we sought the explanation from the federal ministry of finance why the government was not able to keep its promise, a source at the YouWin secretariat said, he does not have the permission to speak on it.

Efforts made to speak with the Zainab Ahmed, the country Minister of Finance was not successful.





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One thought on “One Year After, 2,493 Selected for YouWin Yet to get a Dime from Govt

  1. As a participant of YouWinconnect 2018, it’s heartbreaking to see the President Buhari led administration reneging on his promise via Federal Ministry of Finance to fund the winners. This shows lack of sincerity, corruption and deliberate act to impoverish the youth block of Nigerian population.
    International donors should investigate this unwarranted corrupt drama by the FG.
    Failure to fund the winners means the youth means nothing to President Buhari and we can take our votes to those opponents that will answer our funding prayers.

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