Only well fed citizens can support corruption fight – Kagame Rwanda President tells Buhari

Mr. Paul Kagame, Rwanda president has told Mr. Muhammadu Buhari the Nigeria President that the fight against corruption must start from the top and not bottom.

Kagame who said Buhari is the African Union Champion in the fight against corruption reminded him the the national resources must be distributed equitably.

Speaking at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) summit in Abuja on Tuesday, the Rwanda president congratulated Buhari for his second term reelection and reminded him of the importance of ensuring state resources gets to all citizens.

The only way to get citizens support in the fight against corruption is to ensure they are well fed, Rwanda president said.

“President Buhari, I wish to give you our very warm congratulations on your re-election and best wishes for the entire Nigerian people, on the road ahead,” Kagame said.

“I also want to mention here, that President Buhari is AU (African Union) champion in the fight against corruption, and we thank you.”

The Rwanda president pointed out to  Buhari that  corruption must be fought from top to bottom, using four key principles: “culture, responsibility, accountability and effectiveness”.

“We must discard the myth that corruption is endemic to a particular culture. corruption is a universal weakness, not an African one, and it is not part of our destiny as a continent.

Kagame said Africans are not the biggest beneficiaries of corruption, but those outside Africa.

He did not however say if the beneficiaries are Europe or not America.

Kagame assertion appears to corroborate some of the Africa scholars arguments that Europe and North America are major beneficiaries of the huge corruption that takes place I’m Africa.

They argue that monies taken away from are Africa are used to develop Europe and North America and in some instances given to Africa in the form of loan to pay back with high interest rate.

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