Osinbajo, Nigerians be grateful, Buhari, brought many out of poverty

Mr. Yemi Osinbajo, the Nigeria Vice President, has explained how Buhari has brought many Nigerians out of poverty.

In the last three years, Buhari has lifted countless Nigerians out of poverty, this he said on Tuesday in Abeokuta, at the 17th Joint Planning Board and National Council on Development Planning (NCPD).

We have provided infrastructures and opened up the business space, doing business in Nigeria has become very easy, he added. He explained that the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) initiative of APC has done lots of good to the economy.

Through our social investment initiatives, we have pulled countless Nigerians out of poverty, Osinbajo said.

We have repositioned the fertiliser blending plants, and this will help the country save more than 200 million USD every year, Yemi told his audience.

We make bold to say, no administration in the history of Nigeria has done what we have done in the area of Agriculture.

The federal government partnership with Kebbi and Lagos states have greatly contributed to food security and economic growth, the vice president said.

APC government, is helping farmers to start full exportation of their agricultural produce, he explained that will soon commence.

Buhari led government, in this year budget is setting aside N44.2 billion to put in place Special Economic Zones in the six geo-political zones, this is to trigger local manufacturing and exports, Osinbajo explained.

Mining has created numerous jobs in Nigeria, and we are focusing in revitalizing the sector, this year, we have made N644 million budget provision for mining sector. We are putting in place a National Gold Purchase Scheme, Osinbajo added.

APC led government has introduced initiatives that are helping to improve the economy and bringing many out of poverty, the government must be commended for this efforts, the vice president Yemi noted.

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