Our Customers Say Second-Hand Cloth Carries Coronavirus, refuse to buy

Mr. Chinedu Kalu continues to lament the collapse of his business as his customers have refused to buy from him, alleging that second-hand cloth carries coronavirus.

Kalu, who spoke to the Media Advocacy West Africa Foundation in his shop at Gidan Sakara in Karu Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, said his customers are refusing to buy his cloth because of their belief that second-hand cloth carries coronavirus while they will get infected wearing it.

Kalu explained that his customers are refusing to patronize him because they believe goods imported from abroad have coronavirus in it.

Kalu narrated that before the coronavirus outbreak, his business was doing well while his customers had no problem buying his clothes.

Lamenting how coronavirus has destroyed his business, Kalu said since the government lifted the lockdown, he does not sell up to six clothes when he opens in the market.

He, however, said few of his customers who made attempts to buy from him, insisted he brings down the price.

Kalu, however, told MAWA team, he is not the only person that suffers the same fate, he narrated how other persons selling second-hand clothes popularly called “Okrika” are also in the same predicament, pointing out people do not patronize them for the fear of been infected with the coronavirus.

Other second-hand cloth sellers, who spoke to the MAWA team at the Gidan Sakara market, recounted how their business has since been destroyed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the second-hand cloth sellers at the Gidan Sakara market explained that he thought the lifting of lockdown by the government will bring to an end his suffering but was surprised to see how his customers have conspired and refused to buy from him while some of them say his clothes are carrying coronavirus.

He, however, said life has become very difficult and unbearable since the coronavirus lockdown began.

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