Passengers lament as train ticket jumps from N1, 200 to N3000

Passengers have continued to lament as train ticket for Abuja – Kaduna route jumps from N1,200 to N3000 per ticket which is more than a 100% increment.

Some of the passengers who spoke to WAR lamenting the hike in the ticket price say they are not likely to continue using the train as they cannot afford the cost of using it because they are faced with financial difficulties that do not allow them to expend monies on an exorbitant train ticket.

Mr. Garba one of the passengers told WAR that it cost him almost N8,000 going to Kaduna and coming back using the train.

Garba said the train drops passengers at Rigasa which requires one to board another vehicle to Kaduna town and that contributes to the passengers incurring additional cost.

“From the beginning, the government said the train is for the poor, but as you see, the train is now exclusively for the rich, the poor cannot afford it”, Garba said.

Mrs. Rose Azimima told WAR she has since stopped using the train because she can’t afford it. She said the train is now for the rich and the poor cannot afford it.

“As soon as they jacked the price from N1,200 to N3000 I stopped using the train, where will I get that kind of money to buy a ticket”, Azimima said.

An official of the Nigerian Railway Corporation who spoke to WAR and did not want her name mentioned, said the hike in the ticket price was as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic that has made the train service to observe social distancing which led to the spacing of passengers.

The official said it is unfortunate that the price has been hiked, but said there is nothing they can do, and appeal to passengers to understand and pay the ticket fare.

Another Railway official who spoke to WAR assured that the price will be reviewed as soon as the Coronavirus pandemic is over.

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