People slaughtered everyday in north; their Govs problem is social media control – Shehu Sani

Mr. Shehu Sani, a Nigerian lawmaker from Kaduna state has raised concern over the Northern Governors’ concentration on social media regulation despite the killings, insecurity, and hunger that are ravaging the zone.

The lawmaker pointed out that residents and relatives of the northern governors are been killed, but that does not bother them, rather their main concern is how social media can be regulated.

Sani said people are been slaughtered on daily basis by Boko Haram and bandits, others kidnapped and women raped, communities under siege, and yet the northern governors don’t care but are worried about social media regulation

Sani while expressing his concern on Tuesday tweeted:

Northern Governors; Their Kinsmen are being slaughtered daily by Bandits & insurgents, their people are daily being Kidnapped & impoverished by ransom, their women raped & their villages are under siege. Their people live in Fear & Funerals. Yet, Social Media is their problem.

Northern Governors have called for social media regulation, pointing out that uncontrolled social media is dangerous.

The Governors said social media control is fundamental so that fake news can be controlled.

The governors, who converged in a meeting in Kaduna on Monday, said the effect of uncontrolled social media is devastating.

They also condemned the “subversive” actions of some #EndSARS protesters, saying some people took advantage of peaceful protest to push their “separative agenda”.


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