Popularity test: Shehu Sani visits Kaduna market, dares Elrufai to do same

Shehu Sani a Nigerian federal lawmaker from Kaduna Central has visited the state market without security guards.

Mr. El-Rufai, the Kaduna state governor had this week, when addressing newsmen at Abuja on Monday said Shehu Sani has been rejected by the people, saying if he goes to market, he will be stoned because the people are very angry with him.

According to the Governor “Shehu Sani cannot even campaign in the market. I challenge him, let us go to Kaduna Central Market and let’s see who will come out unscathed.”

Yesterday, Sani decided to test his popularity and visited Kaduna market without any security guard.

After the visit, he challenged the governor to test his popularity and visit the market as he did.

During the visit, Sani moved round the market while traders were seen hailing him as the strong man of Kaduna politics.

Shehu Sani and Kaduna governor have been in the heat of crisis with both fighting each other.

The fight between the two became prominent over the struggle of Kaduna Central Senatorial ticket with Elrufai denying Sani ticked in favour of his aide Uba Sani.

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