Same day Buhari vows to reduce  high cost of governance, he approves six aides for wife

Mr. Muhammad Buhari has approved six aides for his wife same day he vowed to reduce the cost of governance.

Buhari as part of his effort  to reduce cost of governance, reduced the number and duration of foreign trips for ministers and other top government officials.

An action the president said was targeted towards ensuring measure to achieve fiscal prudence.

Mr. Willie Bassey, Director of Information at the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, in a statement said the president also removed travel allowances known as estacode; while he also cut down the number of persons permitted to travel with ministers and other government officials for official trip.

Worse still, same day, Buhari on Thursday approved six aides for the office of First Lady.

Mr. Suleiman Haruna, spokesperson to the First Lady office disclosed on Wednesday that Buhari has approved the appointment six aides to serve in his wife office.

The aides are:

1) Dr. Mairo Almakura – Special Assistant on African First Ladies Peace Mission (AFLPM)

2) Muhammed Albishir – Special Assistant on Organization of African First Ladies for Development (OAFLAD)

3) Wole Aboderin – Special Assistant on Non-Governmental Organizations

4) Barr. Aiyu Abdullahi – Special Assistant on Media and Publicity

5) Zainab Kazeem – Special Assistant on Domestic and Social Events

6) Funke Adesiyan – Personal Assistant on Domestic and Social Events

The appointees are to resume duties   immediately.

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