Soldiers fighting Boko Haram write Buhari, say they are tired

Nigerian soldiers fighting Boko Haram insurgency in the northeast having written to Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, saying they are tired and want to be taken out of the zone.

The soldiers in the letter sent to Buhari, said they were mobilized to fight Boko Haram since 2014.

The officers say they were
dislodge and re-advanced from Konduga back to Bama.

They however said they operate in
Bama, Aulari, Bocobs.

The officers drew the attention of the president that they have been attacked severally by the insurgents while many of their colleagues have been killed by the attackers.

The officers who say they have spent five years and seven months in northeast fighting Boko Haram, disclosed they have not been changed.

Many of our colleagues deployed at the same  time have been changed while we are still been left to fight Boko Haram, the officers say in the letter.

The officers say they have complained over their long stay to the Chief of Army Staff, and wonder why he has refused to attend to their  complain.

If Northeast were to be a United Nations operation or there is money involved, it would be on the basis of godfather and they will not be given opportunity.

Despite keeping us in the northeast for over five years, we have not been given any special promotion while we continue to buy our kits without any new ones given since 2014, the soldiers said.

The officers say they buy their kits and feeds with their own money.

The soldiers who say they are from   202 Tank Battalion are complaining of depression, stress, hunger and psychological trauma.

They have since appealed to Buhari and the Chief of the Army Staff to take them away from northeast so they can visit their family five years after.

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