Some Buhari ministerial nominees are Shiites members – Islamic group raises alarm

An Islamic group, Jama’atu Izalatil Bid’ah Wa Ikamatis Sunnah, JIBWIS, has raised alarm that some persons nominated by Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigeria president to serve as Ministers are members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria,  Shi’ites, Daily Nigerian is reporting.

The group has since asked the senate not to confirm them as Ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Mr. Yahahya -Jingir, the chairman of the group, disclosed this to journalists in Jos, the Plateau state capital in a media chat.

He has since reminded the president that allowing them to serve as ministers is detrimental to Nigeria and Nigerians, warning that should not be allowed to happen.

“We learnt that among the ministerial nominees, there are members of the Shi’ite group, those nominees shouldn’t be confirmed,” Mr Yahahya-Jingir said.

Although they did not name those they say are members of the Shiites, they have asked the Senate to ensure non of the Shiites members nominated as ministers were screened.

Yahahya-Jingir, has since said Shiites members should be dealt with describing them as unpatriotic Nigerians.

“They were instigated by Iran, and I want them to know that Iranian citizens wouldn’t resort to attacking their country or even attempting to kill their leaders that the Shi’ites in Nigeria were doing.

“It is unfortunate that citizens of a country are taking arms against their police, wanting to attack the national assembly and also saying they would kill the children of the President or even the President himself.

“We don’t want President Buhari to treat this issue with kid gloves; he should take necessary measures in making sure that security agencies and all relevant parties deal with the issue of Shi’ites squarely,” Mr Yahahya-Jingir added.

The group say they decided to expose the information because they cannot fold their hands and see things go wrong wrong without giving the necessary advice.

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