South Africans Must Learn to Fight With Brains, Not Fists – Fabian Ali

No group of people reserves the monopoly of violence. The supply of violence is non-excludable to a country, non-rivalrous and with no threat of depletion.

The adscititious reprisal attacks flaring up ubiquitously in different African states against South African assets and facilities gives credence to the competitive nature or ownership of violence if left untamed.

While the principle of an eye for an eye or tit for tat may be objectionable to civilized communities; it becomes acceptable to show in isolated instances such as this recent xenophobic or afrophobic outing by South Africans that insanity or animalistic tendencies are a characteristic attribute of every human being excepting that the animalistic nature of humans are restrained or tamed by-laws, literacy, and civilization.

Illegal migration and other crimes as alleged against migrants in South Africa are indeed trespasses against ordained laws of countries, hence, organized societies have formalized criminal procedures under their jurisdictions to deal with such offenses to counter the arbitrary application of jungle justice.

Prohibited immigration is not cured by looting, vandalism, murder, arson or immolation of foreigners. These actions are rather considered as expressions of discontentment and resentment amidst frustrations, fear, and insecurity of the future; where the resentful is envious in this case; the economic successes of migrants in comparison to the locals.

If these actions are to be construed as political statements to the rightful authorities to reconsider improving the socioeconomic plight of SA citizens; they are too much a cost perpetrated by her citizens to the nation of South Africa and are neither rational or proportional to whatever outcomes were targeted.

Truth be told, South Africa is enmeshed in hidden poverty in contrast with many other African countries where poverty is apparent. The underlying implication of this dangerous phenomenon is that the locals return daily to the recesses, behind the scenes of the country’s beautiful malls and recreation parks, paved roads and beautiful workplaces to it is under managed townships; a state of squalor and abject poverty where the true reality is in full view.

This factor, coupled with the legacy of broken promises, corruption, unemployment and bad policy choices amongst others by the ruling political party transmogrifies the patient anger of its citizens into a vicious hatred directed against non-locals who are perceived as competing entities to the overburdened scarce resources.

No country can exist in isolation, neither is there any country where there aren’t foreigners.

The complex and multifaceted phenomenon of globalization is a deluge to the anti-immigrant protesting South African. Globalization, accelerated by advances in transport and communication technology does not only entail interaction and integration of people, economies, and governments globally but encompasses both the social and cultural aspects.

Global interconnectedness is instrumental in the seamless exchange of goods and funds as well as the removal of the barriers associated with cross border trades. This expansive level of global interactions brought about by globalization enhanced the growth of international trade, ideas, and culture which has led to the interdependence of economic and cultural activities globally.

To state that the presence of foreigners threaten resources or jobs in a country is not absolute but laughable. South Africans must learn to adapt to the changing trends of globalization rather than exhibiting infantile tantrums at every given chance or risk being left behind by the globalization train.

Africa cannot afford to be divided else we shall remain perpetually dependent on the rich North; we need to collapse our borders and integrate our states, grow our economies to become great.

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