Thief falls asleep after robbery operation gets arrested

A thief has fallen asleep after a robbery operation leading to his arrest by the security in his area.

The Tanzanian thief was arrested after he fell asleep when he finished a robbery operation at ITV Zanibar presenter, Farouk Karim’s house in Tanzania.

Mr. Karim, a journalist who was robbed by the thief, while sharing the story said, the thief jumped over his gate, entered his house and stole his clothes and shoes.

The thief after robbery operation went straight inside a car of the person he robbed and slept off and was arrested by the police.

Karim said he was shocked to see the thief who robbed him over the night sleeping inside his car.

He explained that he called people around, who removed him from his car and called the Tanzania police command who arrested and took him away.

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