Trump says Buhari is not a living being, warns never to see him around White House Again

Mr. Donald Trump, the US President has shocked the world and warned his aides not to allow Buhari, the Nigerian president to come close to White House again. I do not want to see a president who has no life in him, UK Newspaper, Financial Times has reported.

Buhari had visited Trump in the White House, a visit his supporters say is one of the best in the global record.

Mr. Garba Shehu, the Buhari spokesman, said the presidential visit to the US is a recognition by the American government that Buhari has no rival in Africa in terms of integrity.

Whatever Nigerians may think, particularly the opposition, Buhari visit to the US is a clear indication that America recognizes Nigeria because of Buhari style of leadership.

Corroborating Garba statement, Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information said the presidential visit to the US is a clear testament that America is comfortable working with Nigeria under Buhari administration.

This shows, Nigeria is being recognized globally and is being placed in a strategic position, Lai said.

Shortly after the visit, Trump in a press conference hailed Nigeria and wished to visit the country someday. He praised Buhari for fighting corruption and tackling the insurgency.

However, in the latest release, Financial Times has quoted three sources as saying Donald Trump has instructed his aides not to allow Buhari come to White House again, I don’t want to see a lifeless person like Buhari again, Trump said.

Trump was reported to have said African countries are “shithole”, American Newspaper, the Washington Post said, Trump, made the statement in a private remark at meeting in White House.

This is coming as there is report pointing that the international community does not support Buhari plan to contest the 2019 presidential election, a report APC has denied accusing the opposition of being behind the story.

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