Unfortunately, Kogi has no Governor

Mr. Peter Obi, the former Anambra State Govern, was the first to describe Yahaya Bello, the Kogi State Governor in August 2018 at Channels Television as an unmitigated disaster. Obi used the term to describe the unimaginable failure of governance in Kogi under Bello.

We thought that was too much a hash word to be used on a sitting governor, but a clear manifestation of Bello’s lack of capacity to pilot the state affairs vindicates Obi and lays credence to his assertion.

How do we begin to explain to the world that Bello is a governor and rules over a state, taking into consideration the capacity of those that occupy public office which is a reflection of state capacity in itself?

We will not go into details, but limit our analysis on the outbreak of Coronavirus and the way Bello and his team has managed the health crisis.

From outset, Bello denied the existence of the pandemic in his state; this is even as the virus has killed over 10 persons in the state with the state chief judge Mr. Ajana being the latest victim.

Shortly after the state chief judge killed by coronavirus was buried, Bello told the people of Kogi to go about their normal duty describing Ajana’s death as a natural death that has nothing to do with coronavirus.

Bello continues to demonstrate his apparent lack of capacity in his unverifiable claim that there is no coronavirus in Kogi with his evasion of Federal Medical Centre Lokoja on Wednesday as a mark of state sacrilege sponsored and monitored by a man who ought to be in the forefront protecting his people and taking all necessary steps to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Axiomatically, the deaths caused by a coronavirus, mean nothing to Bello and his team, what matters to them, is how to frustrate all efforts and keep living in denial that the pandemic does not exist.

What they intend to achieve with this kind of behaviour is not known to us, however, this to justify that Bello is not a governor and Kogi is currently without any form of leadership, but in the hands of miscreants whose utmost desire is to be in power without responsibilities.

I am sure, Nasir-elrufai and Aisha Buhari are happy to see how a man they forced on Kogi people is ruling them.

Didn’t Nasir-elrufai tell Bello he locked down Kaduna for over two months to contain the spread of coronavirus, didn’t Aisha tell Bello that she fought in the Aso-Villa trying to protect her husband from coronavirus?

Perhaps, they know, Kogi has no governor and have decided to let her be that way.

I am sorry and I feel for Kogi people, they will have to live with the reality that they have no governor until God intervenes.


Audu Liberty Oseni

Coordinator, MAWA Foundation




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